Ramble with the Lady: Chief Dan George, snow lines & nose breathing

February 18, 2015

By Dale Bowman


You know how things can just gnaw at you? One of those mornings. Another round of snow overnight. It was slightly more than a dusting. I would estimate it at about .2 inches.

It is just starting to get old.


But there is hope. I found the snow line yesterday when I drove to Springfield to the IDNR office  building. The snow line is around the middle of Iroquois County. I do not expect it to retreat much farther north any time soon.


I thought the National Weather Service's glossary might have an official definition for snow line, but I could not find one.


Despite how cold it was this morning, considering the forecast the next few days, I figured Lady, our family's mutt, and I better stretch out a full ramble. But walking into the west wind by the ball field almost changed my mind.


But I endeavored to persevere (Hello Chief Dan George and ``The Outlaw Josey Wales'') and pushed out to cross the side the side rail separating town from the wildness of the town pond.



Cold enough that I forced myself to try to breath through my nose. I hate having to do that. I am a mouth breather.


Cold enough that not a single track other than ours was anywhere in the snow, in town or out.


Cold enought that I did not see any new signs of ice fishermen on either old clay pit.


Coming out of the wilds around the town pond, I saw the first wildlife of the morning: two dozen barn pigeons (rock doves) wheeled by the grain elevators on the edge of town.


And that produced my photo at the top. Naturally, I went to ``High Sky,'' by Arc Tyk-High. (And hello, Charles Demuth.)


Downtown, the chef/cook who runs the food truck for migrant and nursery workers was still loading his truck. I pity those who have to work outside today.


A handful of sparrows scattered from the snow as we came up the steps.


My thermometer behind our garage read 2 degrees. Worse to come.


Just what I need.


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