• Kyle Pucalik

The Legend Jimmy Houston on Bass Buzz, Professional Co-Angler Matt Medlener, ICAST 2016 Top Picks, a

July 27, 2016:

Powered by all the excitement and flurry that a live show demands, the casters jump into the fishing news of today. They discuss what to be aware of when co-angling with professionals over stories with Matt Madlener, and later discuss the history of balsa baits and spinner techniques with the legendary Jimmy Houston, and finally Bobby gives his top picks for the recent ICAST convention. But first, at the opening, Pat tells the origin of the Stray Cast’s Outdoor Cartoon Television’s name.

Matt Madlener swings by the show on Hammer Time and describes the struggles of co-angling from tying baits to putting down a drop-shot and pushing a boat out of a trunk. He also talks about the vital role of putting time on the water. Not only is Matt a top co-angler but because of his awareness of his fishing territory he also became a successful turtle farmer.

After, Jimmy Houston, legendary professional fisherman, takes time out of his and his wife’s birthday party to tell the casters the history of lure fishing from the very first balsa wood baits to his renowned trick shot techniques on spinners. You can catch him on JHL.TV. And finally, Bobby tells us what displays from the ICAST convention are in his Box and On the Water with him. Bobby and the others joke over the videos of a couple displays from ICAST that feature Bobby’s top picks which feature choice baits and new reels.

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