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Stray Casts  Outdoor Cartoon Television: June 15

Kevin VanDam, the number one angler in the world, is on the show with the stray casters to help you get the most out of post-spawn season. “You need the right tools,” Pat says. If you’ve fished with Pat then you know he likes to keep a dozen rod and lure combos set up in the boat at all times, he and Ryan outline the four combos of lures to poles that are essential. And if you haven’t fished with Pat, then followers of the Stray Casts Facebook page may also want to follow Patrick Renwick’s Wall where he shares photos, stories, and highlights of show’s bass buzzers.

Then, on Bowman Outside, Dale tells the story of a record-breaking lake trout for Indiana but also cautions what investigations may reveal about certain fish populations in Lake Michigan. You can also follow his reports on his Blog or on his Twitter. Bowman catches the sentiments of the regions he visits and you can read one with me in it on the re-opening of perch season in Chicago.

Later, in addition to getting the full scoop on KVD’s fishing career, Pat also discussed the topic of casting strategies in post spawn season, “I don’t mind flipping” KVD said, “Though dragging a dang Senko is horrible to me.” KVD added, “The biggest thing I think that a lot of people don’t understand is how important making a good, accurate presentation is. You can get a ton of bass just by surprising them.” After, Bobby Bergren shares just how to finesse fish out out Lake Michigan using Drop shots and talks out his favorite baits like the Jackall Crosstail Shad and Jackall Flick Shake. Finally, Ryan Whitacre hammers in the details on how best to work the topwater frog and talks in-depth about the cover to fish a frog! Be sure to stick around for the fishing report with more stories and insight from Ben Dickinson.

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