• Kyle Pucalik

June 1st, Stray Casts Outdoor Carton Television

Pat Renwick demonstrates his legendary casting ability as discussions about lures fly in this episode of Stray Casts. But before you cast out your brand new Brovarney Bait swim jigs Dale Bowman recounts the tale of Eagan who almost broke a state record with the perch he caught last week that lost those vital ounces that would’ve put him over. “They’re out there.” Pat declares referring to the large, post-spawn fishing migration from Lake Michigan. On Bowman Outside, Dale riffs on record fish weights, where and how to weigh them, the weight of fishes’ eggs and stomach contents, and whether to cast a replica or get a skin mount for state record fishes.

Additionally, Bassmaster Bernie Schultz pops in on the Bass Buzz to talk about his famous collection of antique lures and how best to use and snap swim jigs. Then Bobby Bergren showcases and discusses a brand new swim jig from Brovarney Baits and officially proclaims it one of the Best in the Midwest for hand-tied jigs. It’s the perfect Jig for cutting through the thick foliage in targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Later, Ryan Whitacre hammers down the details on launching your boat. Make sure you bring a coast guard radio turned to channel 16 and a life jacket. Popcorn tells us where specifically to launch your boat, why some choose to launch from Chicago River and others from Lake Michigan, and what weather conditions and other dangers to avoid when launching.

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