• Kyle Pucalik

From The Couch of Stray Casts

A Synopsis of Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television

When the ventilation is stifled the guests receive a warm reception on this live show/podcast of Stray Casts. Also, Pat outlines his philosophy on life and shares it with Dale Bowman who enjoys tempered victory from his Carlyle sugarcane drinks on Bowman Outside after announcing the establishment of the wildlife preserve off the Kankakee River. Additionally, Dale asks the gang what level of challenge they think High School fishing tournaments should experience.

Later, Jeff Kriet, professional Bassmaster Elite, swings by for a positive confirmation from Pat in preparation for his next Bass Fest tournament near his hometown at Lake Texoma. Kriet expresses why he is feeling confident for his next performance, “I’ve been fishing that lake for thirty-five years… The advantage I will have is if I’m going down the bank and I catch one or two in a bush on a certain type of bank, I know where other banks like that are around the lake.”

(Guests and family preferring to chill in the air-conditioned office)

Meanwhile, it’s Bobby’s Birthday and the casters celebrate by singing him the birthday song, reflecting on his growth as a fisherman that led him to place first at the Angler’s Dream Tournament, and opening his birthday box special: a Stradic CI4+ reel and the complete setup for everything you need to get out there and enjoy the smallmouth bass fishing. And Finally, Frank Hyla from the popular “Time on the Water” discusses being a National Youth Director for Shimano and shares his optimistic experience with high school and college tournaments around the country on Hammertime with Ryan.

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