• Dale Bowman

Bill McDonald, Pat Wisniewski, John DeMay: Stray Casts No. 10

Indiana's own Bill McDonald headlines Stray Casts No. 8. That's him in the photo below and right.

We have our usually packed show tonight.

McDonald is on the "Bass Buzz" with Pat Renwick. John DeMay is in with Ryan Whitacre in "Local Hammer." Pat Wisniewski (she of ``Everglades of the North'' and "Shifting Sands") is on the ``Stalwarts'' segment with me, Dale Bowman.

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Our four regular hosts are Renwick, Bobby Bergren, Whitacre and myself. Tom Billings is sitting in this week for Bobby B.

If you are listening while it is live streaming, you can call in at (219) 228-1492.

Social media contacts are @StrayCasts on Twitter, Stray Casts on Facebook and stray_casts on Instagram. You can also comment on the YouTube channel during the live stream.

Another packed show.

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