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Stray Casts No. 7 notes: K-Pink, Jeff Miller, Eric Stark & Nick Langton

I found the insights from Kevin ``K-Pink'' Short on square bill crankbaits, Major League Fishing and international sales of boats quite interesting and he leads the notes and tidbits from the show last night, No. 7 for Stray Casts, now up as a podcast (just click here).

All that while he sipped from an Arkansas Razorback glass while sharing a lasagna meal with friends and Skyped with us.

Click here for K-Pink's Facebook page (but be aware that, contrary to Pat Renwick's witty repartee, you will not receive a crankbait for messaging K-Pink).

Each week, I try to do a wrap of notes, links and other info off the latest Stray Casts show. Usually I try to have it up by Thursday morning.

Here goes this one.

Jeff Miller gave insight both on Bobby Bergren's in the box segment (more on his specific baits than I expected) and with Ryan Whitacre's Local Hammer segment. I found the discussion on why tournament fishing on southern Lake Michigan peaked and nearly really came close to that point again interesting and a discussion we will likely touch again.

I suspect that Miller will be back again.

No, Eric Stark is not Tony Stark's long-lost brother, cousin or nephew, no matter what Pat's witty repartee might have suggested. But Stark, Eric not Tony, had some cool insights about helping to get the bass fishing team/club off the ground at Glenbard North and also how he started a high school sports camp.

Click here for the Facebook page for DuPage Fishing Academy. Eric may be reached at

Nick Langton, a senior, gave good insight how a fishing student can help to make fishing a part of the high school experience and also a path in life. I would love to see both Nick and Eric Downstate for the state finals in May on Carlyle.

A couple notes of events mentioned.

The Chicago Maritime Festival is Saturday at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Riverside Fishing Club's Fishing Tackle Swap Meet is also Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon. It is free at the LaGrange American Legion.

The Lake Michigan Angler in Winthrop Harbor continues its series of classes with a Lake Michigan Kayak Fishing Class with Rob Wendel, Jesse Wade and Don Thompson from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday. Call (224) 789-7627 or go to

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