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Flippin', Winnin' & Learnin': Show No. 4 notes

I found it really fascinating Wednesday night when Gary Klein, during the ``Bass Buzz'' segment with Pat Renwick, talked about his history with flipping, especially the roots with Dee Thomas. Then I found this YouTube video of Klein talking about it.

Click here for Klein's main web site.

Sorry, I am a day late in getting this up, but here are some links and such from stuff we talked about Wednesday night on Show. No. 4 of Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television. Click here to view the show as a podcast, which I think was our best so far.

Click here for the B.A.S.S. story on Rick Clunn winning on the St. Johns River at 69 years old.

My guy.

Click here for Perch America, the group Bruce Caruso helps with that has stocked walleye in Wolf Lake for going on 19 years now.

For Steve Mui, who is on a trajectory to become the top professional bass fisherman to come out of the Chicago area, his web site is or find him on Facebook at Steve Mui Professional fisherman.

And, BTW, I loved when Mui, who was on with Ryan Whitacre during the ``Local Hammer'' segment, hung around and then jumped on during the fishing report segment.

We have one show of note, well a swap meet, this weekend, which I ran out of time before getting to mention on the ``Bowman Outside'' segment.

Walleyes Unlimited holds a swap meet and sale from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday at the Fox Lake American Legion Hall. Click here for details.

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