Gary Klein, Bruce Caruso & Steve Mui: Stray Casts No. 4

I think we are tweaking some times of show components this week, so it may end up being somewhat different than listed here. But it is a packed show I am looking forward to with the venerable Gary Klein, Bruce Caruso and Steve Mui.

This is Show No. 4. I felt like we hit our stride last week in Stray Casts No. 3, so I am really looking forward to this week.

Every Wednesday, the show streams live 7-9 p.m. (Central) on an internet-connected device near you. Almost immediately, the show will be up as a podcast on our YouTube channel.

The easist way for most is to go to our YouTube Channel, you can do that by clicking here. Otherwise, you can click the hot button at the top of

Our four regular hosts are Pat Renwick, "Bobby B" Bergren, Ryan Whitacre and myself (Dale Bowman).

If you are listening while it is live streaming, you can call in at (219) 228-1492.

Social media contacts are @StrayCasts on Twitter, Stray Casts on Facebook and stray_casts on Instagram. You can also comment on the YouTube channel during the live stream.

Here are the general times for segments. I will try to make a note to do this on social media during the show.

7 p.m.: Show intro: (It will rock you.) Not sure what the giveaways are this week, but they are usually doozies.

7:05: Bowman Outside: Topics include Rick Clunn, Exelon's Fishing for a Cure, whitefish, new coho stocking for Indiana and one of the last winter shows

7:21 Bass Buzz: Pat leads an interview with Klein (right)

7:55: On the Water and in the Box: "Bobby B" takes us around his special box of goodies and gear

8:14: Local hammer: Ryan has Mui on this week.

8:30: Outdoor Stalwart: I lead an interview with Bruce Caruso, the long-time guiding force behind the innovative walleye stocking on Wolf Lake.

8:45: Fishing Reports: Leading with coho and browns on the lakefront, then going to cooling lakes, fly fishing trout and early bass fishing

8:57: Audience wrap:

Times subject to change on the fly

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