• Dale Bowman

Stray Casts debut: Jonathon VanDam & show breakdown

It's time.

Tonight, March 2, 2016, from 7-9, "Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television" debuts on an internet-connected device near you.

Here are some of the basics to contact us as well as what I think will be the schedule and flow of people in and out with the four regular hosts--Pat Renwick, "Bobby B" Bergren, Ryan Whitacre and myself.

Foremost, to get the show. The easiest way is to simply click the hot button at the top of Or on YouTube, go to and subscribe to Stray Casts Ourdoor Cartoon Television. You can click here to do that.

The shows will save as a podcast, but I will know more about when and how after we do a full show.

During the show, our phone number will be (219) 228-1492. Social media contacts are @StrayCasts on Twitter, Stray Casts on Facebook and stray_casts on Instagram. You can also comment on the YouTube channel during the live stream.

Now as to the general lineup (there may be some adjustments today or even tonight during the show).

Please note, this is the first show and all times are subject to adjustment

7 p.m.: Show intro (it will rock you) and show setup.

7:08: Bowman Outside: Topics will include a monster buck, 87th Street slip news and comparisons on the value of big fish photos

7:20: Fishing Reports. Capt. Ralph Steiger will also guest in this segment

7:32 Bass Buzz: Pat leads an interview with Jonathon VanDam

805: On the Water and in the Box with "Bobby B" Bergren: Rick Owen of JDM Tackle Members Only and John Moy of Lee's Global Tackle will be in studio.

8:20: Urban Angling with Ryan Whitacre: A stalwart, JayPee Hey, will also be on hand to enlighten us.

8:35: Outdoor Stalwarts: A couple of the Cast Crew--Johnny Rodas and Vince "Stizo" Wasseluk--will be on the set and talking urban lifestyle and fishing.

8:50: Audience wrap

And the singing and dancing commences.

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