Ralph Steiger and Bobby B's Lake Michigan Multi-Species Seminar 2016!

Ralph and I have been best friends the first day we started working at Mik Lurch together. (Sad to see it go). Ralph was always the Multi-species expert on Lake Michigan and I was always busy chasing them mean ol' red smallmouth bass.

Ralph came to me last year with the idea of doing a duel-seminar, combining our knowledge of fishing on Lake Michigan and putting on a seminar to educate all types of anglers on all the techniques we use. While making it and enjoyable experience where you will have fun, be able to interact with us, and pick our brains on our fishing patterns.

I am so excited for this years event because Ralph and I have learned so much more in 2015. The cost will be $40 a seminar but it is money well spent. You are not going to hear the same seminar as last year, you will be coming out with some fresh information, a full belly and fishing tackle that catches fish on Lake Michigan!

Ralph Steiger Is by far the most experienced multi-species fisherman on the lake... Literally It's his life everyday to put people on fish. Now is the time for him to share information you can't learn in just on day of fishing on the boat with Ralph because we wll be covering multiple fishing seasons and patterns for those seasons.

Me (Bobby B) Is a younger tournament angler, who spends everyday he can on Lake Michigan to pursue his passion of chasing smallmouth bass, I typically place at the top or near the top in the Lake Michigan tournaments I fish and I have put my whole life into fishing for bass on lake michigan. It is my favorite thing to do in the world. I have a lot of techniques and patterns to talk about that will help to broaden your angling skills! I am able to talk and slip out more secret information out in person than I can type on a blog! So get ready to learn about Spinnerbait fishing, Throwing jigs, bed fishing, and a whole bunch more from me!

It is going to be a great event and we look forward to seeing your friendly faces there! Thank you all for your support for Ralph and I. We truly appreciate it.

Shimano, Jackall, Tight Rope Fishing, Northland Tackle, Dreamweaver, Poor Boys Baits, Rapture Trolling Flies, and D's Jig heads have all been very generous so you will be leaving with your arms full of the best stuff!

Click the link below or copy and paste to learn more:


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