• Dale Bowman

Eat it: Bring the masses to outdoors

From the antics and honor of making the annual Jay The Joke Holiday Cookbook to goose pastrami for the holidays, I think of food from the outdoors opening the outside to more inside folks.

What better way to do it? Food is the great universal for all of us.

When I think in terms of geese, I mean connecting the image at the right of a Canada goose to the image below.

The image below is of a package of goose pastrami. There's a story there.

I think that journey from live bird to table fare is worth noting and way to introduce the outdoors to the wider audience, the masses if you will. Or even if you won't.

In 2014, I was doing an outdoors column for the Sun-Times on Jim Carmical and his Jim's Deer Processing--(815) 263-2020--in St. Anne, Ill. when he mentioned when of the things he had started doing was goose-breast pastrami.

Well, he made me some just before Christmas that year and it was the hit of the Bowman Christmas gathering.

This Christmas he did another batch, the pastrami shown above, for me and it became part of our New Year's Eve celebration.

I just find it a way to use goose breast, something not generally accessible as food to regular people, into something the masses can enjoy.

I think anything that can be done to bring the outdoors to the masses is generally a good thing.

Which brings me to Bill McCormick, the brains behind, which started as a reaction to Jay Mariotti, the ass who was a former sports columnist with the Sun-Times.

The web site has evolved over the years and I find it highly entertaining and informative in a sneaky way, kind of like taking your medicine with flavoring, about Chicago sports.

I was honored when I had one of the outdoors recipes accepted for the first JTJ Holiday Cookbook. I think I have been in it in some form every year since. I managed the honor of multiple entries this year.

You will have to look for them in the JTJ 2015 Holiday Cookbook. Hey, it is just fun going through the cookbook. It is something completely different.

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