• Dale Bowman

St. Anne Outdoorsman Show: Schools & shows

They were already pulled up to the gym doors and taking stuff in early this morning for the St. Anne Outdoorsman Show at St. Anne Community High School in southeast Kankakee County.

It is 10 a.m.-5 p.m. today. The show benefits the boys basketball team, which is why coach Rick Schoon is the main contact--text or calling--at (815) 214-8167.

For sports folks, Schoon is on the kind of track that ends up in the Hall of Fame. His teams are regularly considered one of the top teams in Class A. The Cardinals won a state title in 2008.

I think there may be a future for outdoors shows in high schools. Obviously, the leader in this is the Tinley Park Fishing Show, which will be at 22 years for this show on Feb. 13-14. A few years ago, the Elmwood All Outdoor Show, outdside of Peoria, followed the Tinley Park model and itreally took off.

I think the St. Anne Show has some of that potential. This is the early stages.

There appears to be a heavy focus on deer, including a big buck contest, for which the $10 entry includes measuring ($5 if your deer was already measured). But Rick McCarty and his lures will also be one of the top fishing draws.

I plan to head over there this morning with our youngest boy and one of his buds. There is plenty for the kids from a casting conest to a fishing derby.

To reach the school, take exit 312 (Route 17) and go east to Route 1, then south. The high school is at the one stop sign on Route 1 in town.

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