• Dale Bowman

Stray Casts, dawn, Violent Femmes: Ramble with the Lady

Let me explain.

Partially why I rambled off late enough this morning with Lady to catch a spectacular dawn.

And partially explain why the video of the Violent Femmes doing ``Blister in the Sun'' is up on my laptop screen while Pat Renwick does things with an oversized stuffed fish cushion.

Because that's how Stray Casts rolls.

OK, maybe a bit more explanation.

Somehow, we ended up looking for a song by The Dead Milkman.

I credit Larry Keilman, the man behind the scenes producing, for leading us down that path.

And, at least by Stray Casts' logic, we ended up at the Violent Femmes and their off-kilter hit, ``Blister in the Sun.''

Progress is being made with getting Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television off the ground.

It looks like some time in February will be the official launch for Stray Casts shows streaming 7-9 p.m. Wednesday evenings.

That's our studio last night where Pat is doing things with the stuffed fish cushion. Bobby B and Ryan Whitacre are milling around on the set.

We get things done. The link for streaming the show will be up on this site. We have our Stray Casts' Facebook page and YouTube pages up already. Check them out. Like. Enjoy and know more is coming.

I was getting frustrated with the pace, but things begin to fall in place. And I think we are different enough to have a show that does things like drifting seamlessly from fishing talk to The Dead Milkman to the Violent Femmes and end up back with Pat telling Ryan his secrets of using a ChatterBait.

Nothing moving this morning when Lady, our family's mutt, and I rambled off.

It was an hour later than usual. We ended up working on show stuff later than usual.

And I jused that late drive home as an excuse for a late-night feed at Popeye's Chicken.


The advantage of rambling off later this morning was being treated to a spectacular dawn over the town pond.

Back on the edge of town, the dryers were blowing hard at the grain elevators. I am not sure why. Some things there are no explaining. Sort of like the path of Stray Casts.

A pair of robins--many winter over now--called by the bus barn downtwon.

The neighbor, a block over on the corner, had one of his big old bur oaks cut down. Four pieces of the stump are arranged like haphazard chairs in the bed of ground cover.

Change is inevitable.

Oh, of course I went to the Violent Femmes and their ``Blister in the Sun.''

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