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Schaumburg Show: JDM Tackle Members Only

Lee's Global Tackle is my favorite booth at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoors Expo.

Now there is even more reason to stop by booth 220. . . to see what may be the hottest deal at the Schaumburg Show, which continues through Sunday at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

It's JDM Tackel Members Only club.

John Moy grabbed me and told me I had to stop by his booth to hear about.

For good reason.

The club allows members to buy very limited editions, special colors and specially made bass lures from the Japanese Domestic Market. Club members may then buy limited numbers of the limited numbers of these special biats, about 300 total.

The start fee for the club is $60 online, but there is a show special for $50.

What makes it a super deal is that to begin each member receives a limited edition, special color Megabass Vision Oneten GG Smallmouth Bass lure and a GG Kasumi Tiger in perch lure. The baits, show to the right, are worth more than the start fee.

The Kasumi Tiger, for example, is running around $150 each for a used one on eBay, said Rick Owen, who is running the program.

``Then every month there will be four to five different baits, limited for club members only,'' Owen said.

These are bass baits from the biggest names in JDM.

Owen said the Japanese companies run loaded schedules and the baits are ordered long ahead.

There are several baits, which help with charities such as breast cancer awareness and Wounded Warriers (cool camoe patterns).

That was the hottest thing I saw yesterday (Friday) from Stray Casts booth 14 (to the immediate left as you enter) at the show.

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