• Dale Bowman

Booth 14: Day 2, Schaumburg Show

Notes from what was seen walking around the show or the general shenigans around booth 14 at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo.

Today is a big day for Stray Casts and friends of the program.

Capt. Ralph Steiger is up on the Hawg Trough at noon, then ``Bobby B'' Bergren is doing the same at 4 p.m.

We have stars in our midst.

I think the fish in the Hawg Trough are aggressive. One of the bass hammered Steiger's hookless bait yesterday morning as he practiced and busted him off.

It was pretty damm funny. The bass would not leave go of the lure.

The show runs through Sunday at the Schaumburg Convention Center. The Stray Casts booth 14 is immediate left as you enter.

I stopped the pickle guy (booth 17), busiest booth at the show, and asked him how much he brought.

``For this show, I brought 100 5-gallon buckets,'' he said as he scurried past our booth for the umpteenth time yesterday.

Good Lord ya-all.

Ryan "Ski" Kwiecinski, a rising star in local fishing, stopped by booth 14.

Ski has got the Moraine Valley Community College bass fishing team back and going. I don't know what he was animatedly telling Pat Renwick, but Pat sure looked serious.

I've seen a good number of high school bass fishermen at the show already, including Sandburg and Andrew teams on opening day. I expect a major crunch of high school teams today.

Friday seemed even busier than opening day. I suspect Mike Iaconelli drawing SRO crowds to each of his presentations had something to do with that.

The funniest moment of the day came when the Cast Crew were walking past and Pat asked them to film him flipping over the shoulder of a volunteer between the legs and into a cap. And he did it.

We are a star in our midst. Yo, Pat.

My highlight was sitting in the evening forum of muskie giuys--Mike Hulbert, Joe Bucher, Chris Taurisano--hosted by Jim Satic. I will do a separate piece on that another time.

I got to get rolling to the show. Expect a major crunch today at the show and we have plenty of help at the Stray Casts booth today.

And check out the Stray Cast hoodies Pat and I are sporting.

Good Lord, ya-all.

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