• Dale Bowman

Stray Casts: It's coming [Updated}

It's coming.

We--``Bobby B'' Bergren, Pat Renwick, Dale Bowman and Ryan Whitacre--are on track to go live streaming in February with Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television. It will be linked here at and be live beginning at 7 p.m. Wednesdays and running through about 9 p.m.

I think our tentative plan is to make the formal announcement of our first Stray Casts show at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Expo. We will have booth 14 right inside the door at the Schaumburg Show at the end of the month. Hopefully, we will have some teaser segments at Schaumburg to play to give a taste of what is coming.

Last night, we did our first full run-through. The YouTube video gives a taste. We will be recording more of the nonsense that makes Stray Casts a mix of fun and facts. That mix is what will make our show special.

We will be filling our YouTube Channel soon with more clips and likely either the whole show as a podcast or in segments, after we live stream. Our YouTube channel is at Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television.

Our email is Our Facebook is Stray Casts. [TWITTER UPDATE} Our twitter is @StrayCasts.

We will be responding to social media, texts, emails and phone calls during the show.

I do not think we have the show phone number solidified yet. That is coming.

Yes, Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television is coming.

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