• Dale Bowman

Chicago Bears & St. Francis: A parable

It isn't often you get to put St. Francis of Assisi and the Chicago Bears in the same sentence.

But come along.

After the Bears game today (a win of all things), I puttered around doing some outside work in the yard (honey-do) before the rains, snow, sleet and whatever else falls from the heavens in the next 48 hours.

Apparently, the birds know something is coming.

They were all over the feeders on our front porch. When I began refilling the feeders, the birds clustered all around me, loudly chirping and calling. They showed me no fear.

I felt like St. Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds while tramping around Italy. has an interesting account of the tale.

As I yanked out leftover weeds and pulled down old climbing plants, I happened to notice all the birds had disappeared from the feeders.

I mean completely gone. Not a peep.

I double-checked to make sure they weren't all hiding in our Christmas tree on the porch. Nope.

So I figured an alert bird had spotted a hawk and warned the others.

Next I scanned the elms across the street. Nothing there. So I lowered my sights, so to speak and checked my neighbors' bushes.

Presto. A parable.

There was a Cooper's hawk chasing hard into the middle of the bare leafless bushes.

What it means you will have to contemplate in your heart, I guess.

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