• Dale Bowman

Unexpected & fallen: Ramble with the Lady

Frost on the rail, frost on the bridge boards, a splash from a diving muskrat, and Lady's ears perked with anticipation for something to lunge toward.

The lone wild excitement on this morning's ramble with Lady, our family's mutt, came as we approached the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits.

First a great blue heron flapped off as we neared the bridge. It was a stark image, once again reminding me of black ink drawings.

Then I spotted a muskrat swimming along the south edge of the north pit before it spotted me. When it finally spotted us, it loudly splashed under, poked up its head, then splashed under again. At that point, Lady was about ready to leap off the bridge.

It was a morning for an extended ramble. There was a lot of Thanksgiving feasting to work off and Lady was more than up for the two miles.

A touch of frost this morning, but the kind of morning that was fall perfect for walking. I think it is a day for a family walk after church.

The few remaining hedge apples on the east side of the south pit are nearly rotted away.

Now there are two fallen branches blocking parts of the paths. A new one blocked part of the grassy road on the south end of the south pit.

In mid-November, a tree came down in the big blow and blocked parts of the trail, formerly a side rail, above the south pit. I finally trained Lady to leap over it rather than try to crawl under it. I am too old to crawl under a fallen tree unless it is a matter of life and death.

The fallen took me to Transformers. It was natural for me with a young son.

Coming out of the wilds around the town pond, I heard the dryers blowing at the grain elevators on the edge of town. I was a bit surprised, there has not been much need for the grain dryers this fall, but we have had lots of rain and snow in the past week.

The dawn was nearing, but the light was still on at the grain elevators. (Hello, Charles Demuth.)

The heron and the muskrat were it for wildlife this morning. That kind of morning.

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