• Dale Bowman

Just an excitable dog: Ramble with the Lady

Lady draws inspiration from the snow. When I took her out the first time on Saturday in the snow, she literally leaped around and twirled nearly a 360 in the air.

It has continued. Here even a couple days later, she is still franatically rooting in the snow, pawing it and just generally leaping around.

I want to say with joy, though I have no idea if dogs can feel joy. But sheez it sure looks that way.

Set out in near dark this morning. Far warmer than yesterday. On Sunday, I had hoped to check out the snow and walk the full ramble, but with a temperature at dawn of 3, I nixed it. Not for me, but Lady, our family's mutt. She would have stayed out enjoying the snow until she froze into a statue. So I made the call to cut it short yesterday.

(And explain to me how it can be 3 freaking degrees on Nov. 22.)

But this morning it was relatively mild in the 20s, so we stretched it out.

Absolutely nothing moving. I mean nothing.

Oh, there were a few rabbit tracks in the snow by the garage downtown. I saw a couple goose tracks, those odd three-lines plops, in the snow as we neared the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits.

But I mean that was as close as it came to wildlife of any form.

The near dawn caught my eye, both at the town pond and again as we came out of the wilds around the town pond and to the edge of town by the grain elevators (Hello, Charles Demuth.)

The bank thermometer read 27. The chef/cook, who runs the food truck for migrant and nursery workers, was finishing loading as we passed.

Otherwise, just a snowy morning with Lady leaping around with joy.

And of course I went to Warren Zevon and ``Just an Excitable Boy.'' And the version I like is his from his appearances on David Letterman.

I miss Zevon. And I miss Letterman on late night TV.

I digress.

Zevon, BTW, did the best unplugged concert I ever witnessed, more than 30 years ago with an old girlfriend at a small venue I can't remember the name of in Harrisburg, PA.

I digress. Good morning for it.

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