• Dale Bowman

Walleye stocking, Wolf Lake: Perch America

The remarkable part of this is the 18 years.

That's right, Saturday was the 18th year for the Perch America Walleye Stocking Program on the Indiana side of Wolf Lake, that post-industrial water on the Illinois-Indiana border.

This year $5,000 was raised, which was enough to stock 3,100 5- to 7-inch advanced growth walleye fingerlings by the T Pier near the boat launch in Hammond.

Bruce Caruso (pictured right below), who has been the lead in this for years with Perch America, said actually the average was more like 6 1/2 to 7 inches.

``Only saw two floaters, they were healithier than ever,'' Caruso said.

That brings the total to 114,000 of advanced growth walleye fingerlings stocked in Wolf Lake in the last 18 years.

The funding came from BP, Hammond Port Authority, Lake County Fish and Game, Calumet Harbor Sport Fishermen and Mik-Lurch Fishing Tackle Outlet.

As usual, major thanks goes to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources' District 1 fisheries biologist Tom Bacula and to Dr. Jennifer Strasser from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Thanks to Jim Kovacek for the photos, sent by Carl Vizzone, both faithfull Perch America members.

``I don't want it stop as long as the funding is there,'' Caruso said. ``I know it is hard to catch fish out there. But each year, guys at the sports shows are showing me fish that are 6 to 8 to 9 pounds.''

That is the good part of this.

The funding is getting harder, which is why Caruso said, ``Might have to knock on some doors and hit some other clubs.''

I am glad he and Perch America keep doing this, that 18 years of it is truly remarkable.

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