• Dale Bowman

"Shifting Sands": Helping out

Patricia Wisniewski is working on a new project: ``Shifting Sands,'' a documentary about the southern shores of Lake Michigan with environmentalist Lee Botts.

The photo is a montage of images associated with ``Shifting Sands.''

It sounds like another project not only of interest but of importance, too.

Wisniewski is one of those people I met in life I would follow in just about any battle they lead into.

Her name should should ring a bell. She was one of the main figures in the production of ``Everglades of the North: The Grand Kankakee Marsh.'' (Above).

Well, ``Shifting Sands'' could use some help.

Here is the word from Wisniewski:

Dear Friends and Family, As most of you know, I've been working on documentaries for about six years now and I am currently working with environmental is Lee Botts to produce a documentary entitled: Shifting Sands which covers the story of industry, Ecology and Community on Lake Michigan's Southern Shore. Each documentary takes a whole team of talented people to create and several years to complete. In addition to research, filming, editing, and producing, we also have to raise the funds to make it all happen and create educational materials to give away to teachers because we don't believe teachers should have to pay for educational resources from our films.

We also want to make a high quality film that meets high artistic and journalistic standards. Our last film was nominated for a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award. However, all of that takes a lot of resources to accomplish; therefore; we are asking for your help. A link to our crowd funding site is below. Since this is a not-for-profit project, all donations are tax deductible. So if you need a tax deduction for the year end, or you just want to help us make it to the finish line on this important story..... Please click on the link below and then hit the GREEN DONATE button on the top. We have some wonderful incentives that will automatically be calculated into the amount you donate once you hit the GREEN DONATE button.

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