• Dale Bowman

Cutler & snagging salmon: Stray Cast

STRAY CAST: Jay Cutler is the same to Chicagoans as snagging salmon.

(This site and our outdoors media company are named for the Stray Cast, which has snapped off the end of my outdoors column on Wednesdays in the Sun-Times outdoors page since April 2, 2003.)

If I may throw in an aside, I find it astonishing how Cutler, who is by far the best quarterback in the storied history of the Chicago Bears, yet he is not just disliked, but hated, by at least some of the fans. It is the most important position in Chicago sports and he is the best in history at the job, yet he is so hated by so many.

Sheez, it is as hard to wrap my head around that as it is to understand some of my Stray Casts.

I digress. Or I add.

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