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Love & first hedge apple: Ramble with the Lady

Nothing says ``I love you'' quite as well as the first hedge apple.

Found the first hedge apple of the fall this morning on the east side of the south old pit. There are remnant trees from an old fencerow of Osage orange along the east side of the town pond.

Hedge apples, for those unfamilar with them, are the fruit of Osage orange, a tree brought in years ago primarily as a wind break or for fencerows. The fruit of the Osage orange, primarily called hedge aplles, look like green, dimpled softballs, and are generally exactly the size of a 12-inch softball.

Need to throw in that 12-inch softball for those familar only with 16-inch softball, that Chicago idiosyncracy.

So I picked it up and brought it home with me. It's magic. Maybe.

The railroad guys, more than a dozen of them were again piled up in the grit area by the grain elevators on the edge of town, must have wondered about my sanity as Lady and I rambled back into town.

Very quiet, at least in terms of nature, on the morning ramble the family's mutt and I do most mornings. The town's big festival was over the weekend, so I suspect between the tractor pull on Sunday, fireworks Saturday night and boat races Saturday morning, any critter around the town pond had the living crap scared out of it this weekend.

We only saw a couple mourning doves whistle-fly off by the north pit.

As to the magic of hedge apples, I suspect it is nonsense from what I have read. But as humans most of us believe in some form of nonsense.

If my wife believes that hedge apples bring a sense of magic and a practical side of keeping bugs, especially spiders, at bay around the house, I will honor that where I can.

On a whim, I googled witchcraft and hedges apples and pulled up this link-- I found rather fun.

Back home, Lady ran the only gray squirrel of the morning up the neighbor's maple. She even threw in a high leap nearly reaching the first branch. The squirrel made an escape.

I went in and began my wife's cup of morning green tea. Yes, she believes in the magic of green tea, too.

There was the love of a hedge apple to put by it.

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