• Dale Bowman

Flooding: Some Indiana updates

Here are some updates on flooding impacts at public sites in Indiana, especially some of note for fishermen. The photo below is a file photo from Willow Slough, not of current conditions.


Here is the word from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

Kankakee, Willow Slough, J.E. Roush FWAs affected by flooding

Flooding has resulted in temporary closure of some roads and facilities at Kankakee, Willow Slough and J.E. Roush Fish & Wildlife Areas.

Kankakee FWA in North Judson has closed Ten Mile Road and could close other property roads to protect levees from damage. Roads are closed until further notice.

At Willow Slough FWA in Morocco, Patrol Road is closed until further notice.

At J.E. Roush FWA in Huntington, all boat ramps are closed and boating is not allowed until further notice. Furthermore, the campground entrance road is underwater, and the campground will be closed until further notice.

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