• Dale Bowman

High water & catfish: Norm Minas suggests

Norm Minas has some thoughts on all this high water--and looks to be around for a while--and catfishing, especially for taking kids.

Minas, for those unacquainted with him, is the great wanderer and fishermen on the Kankakee River, especially the Illinois side.

He dropped this note after one of the rounds of rains raised the mighty Kankakee to flood level yet again.

Is your river well out of it's banks, thinking about hitting a pond ? You will be missing out on possibly the easiest catfishing there will be all year. No need for a boat, no need to get in the water, fish from shore. How about seeing double digit cats so shallow that their backs are out of the water and tossing your bait ahead of them. You better have your drag set right and take your heart meds before hand. Big cats on short line in skinny water, heart thumping, arm throbbing action. All you need are some hooks, some split shots and crawlers or mud leeches. Your favorite dip or punch bait works as well. Simply fish the flooded grassy areas where the cats are dining on crawlers with one rod and set another out a little further to intercept cats that are moving in or out. If they are not up in the grass, simply drop back a little deeper in the slack area, many staging there.

How much easier can it get?



That last question--``How much easier can it get?''--is a rhetorical one.

BTW, I am a big fan of heart thumping, arm-throbbing action.

At least for me, one of the all-time fishing songs comes to mind: Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong doing ``Gone Fishin'.''

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