• Dale Bowman

Indiana marinas: Boat-fishing legality

Kevin Nelson started it with what I thought was a good question about fishing by boat in the Indiana marinas on Lake Michigan.

He emailed:

Is there a list of the no fishing areas by boat in Indiana marinas? I know that you can't fish in the Port of Indiana by boat.


I assumed Nelson meant the marinas on Lake Michigan in Indiana.

So I checked with veteran Lake Michigan fisheries biologist Brian Breidert, who had a both a useful answer and a surprisingly strong one.

He emailed:

All marinas are waters of the state of Indiana so fishing within the marinas from a boat are not restricted. Each marina has in the past tried to keep fisherman from fishing within marinas but later have found out there is no teeth in their claim. They can prohibit their own boat people from fishing within the marina as a condition of their mooring at the dock. Additionally they can keep customers from fishing from their docks but not from designated fishing platforms which are found at each marina.

East Chicago and Hammond each have outer fishing platforms which give shore anglers access to the big lake on one side and the marina on the other. These are designated shore fishing sites. Portage and MC, both have shore fishing sites as well which allow fishing. MC allows shore fishing into the marina on the south side while Portage allows shore fishing into Burns waterway. All of this gives many options for shore anglers throughout the region.

Let me know if you need more info.

I find that both interesting and encouraging.

And I am glad Nelson asked.

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