• Dale Bowman

Cubs Butt Bucket & numbers: Ramble with the Lady


OK, I was wrong the other day. Both of the Butt Buckets outside of the town's corner tavern were not themed for the Chicago Bears.

No, one of them most definitely has Cubs on it. As you can see.

Now that makes me wonder. Was somebody at the Station Street Pub being funny? Mean? Ironic? Accurate? Are they Cubs fans? Or, I hope, Sox fans giving a jab.

Things I wondered about as I rambled off this morning with Lady, our family's mutt.

The other thing I wonder about is people leaving their housecats out to free range. I counted four of the slaughtering machines this morning as we rambled through town, out, and back again.

And Lady found most of them and wanted to give chase. I was tempted to let her, but restrained myself. And her.

Squirrels and rabbits everywhere again.

Not sure if it is the recent weather or just that it is spring and things are born and growing up. But there were rabbits and squirrels all over.


When we crossed the side rail separating the town from the wildness of the town pond, I was surprised to not see a single family of Canada geese on the north old clay pit. But then, I spotted the whole shebang of them on the south pit.

They were positioned in such a manner that I was able to get a relatively good count of goslings. I think I counted 26 goslings, but they are growing so fast and were moving around enough that I could be off slightly.

Considering that is from seven nesting pair, it sounds like an increasing population of Canada geese. Unless there is a lot more mortality in the first year than I would think.

Still no mulberries around the town pond.

Back on the edge of town, only one mourning dove whistle-fluttered off from the gravel by the grain elevators.

A baby rabbit, about the size to fit my hand, bolted under a car by the garage downtown.


A block from home, I spotted mushrooms sprouted in all this dampness in the past week by the bur oaks. These are not the eating kind of mushrooms. At least I most definitely would not eat them.

We had another half inch of rain last night. It just keeps coming. There will be a lot more mushrooms by tomorrow in the lawns.

A dove whistle-fluttered off the porch below my feeders.

The heat and humidity build once again.

Another stew pot of weather is beginning to bubble.

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