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Lucky 7's on geese: Ramble with the Lady

Barefoot and wading through the squishy mud of our neighbor's stream looking for bullfrogs with my younger brother is one of my favorite memories of summer from my younger days.

Mom would even fry up the little frog legs, rolled in flour and cooked in butter (well margarine) for us, if I cleaned the frogs.

I am glad our youngest son is following in my muddy footsteps in liking to wade and try to catch bullfrogs by hand.

BTW, barefoot and wading is quite different than barefoot and pregnant.

Thought of our youngest this morning when for the third morning in the last week or so, I heard a bullfrog croaking around the town pond on my morning ramble with Lady, our family's mutt.


This morning I finally had what I think were all the families of goslings of the Canada geese nesting around the town pond.

They slid as individual families off the south bank of the north old clay pit, then clustered into one large group of swimmers. Some of the goslings have grown quite big in the last few weeks.

I counted seven families. That would make sense, most springs seven families of geese nest around the town pond.

Once again cottonwood fluff collected in white streaks along the sides of the gravel and dirt roads around the town pond. The fluff also splotched the waters of both old pits.

Coming out of the wildness around the town pond, I again flushed mourning doves picking grit at the gravel near the grain elevators on the edge of town.

Lady stalked a rabbit trying to hide by sitting still in the gravel parking lot by the doctor's office downtown. If I had let her go, Lady would have actually caught the rabbit.

The chef/cook, who cooks for nursery and migrant workers, was dumping white 5-gallon buckets of ice into his food truck. I did not smell anything cooking this morning. I wonder with the warm-up today if he is just going cold food.

A rabbit tried hiding behind a telephone pole behind the bus barn and Lady only missed it by a mouthful or two.

It is the last day of school for our youngest today. Then the summer routine will settle in, usually with weekly quests for frogs. The season opens in a couple weeks in Illinois.

Summer is my time.

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