• Bob Daly

Top Rods for Lau Lau

During the trip to Suriname's rain forest, I had a long search for quality 2 piece fishing rods capable of handling monster Lau Lau. With strict restrictions on the size of checked baggage, my normal 1 piece rods could not make the trip. The best rods I found to team up with the previously mentioned Daiwa Opus spinning reel and Fin-Nor Marquesta 30T conventional reel

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where the Okuma AC 602MH which is a 2 piece casting rod at 6ft length. The rod is more of a jigging rod, capable on landing any fish species on this planet. The rod is very comfortable, lightweight, and has quality guides and reel seat. The choice of spinning rod was the 2 piece Magna MX-3 Gorilla Big Fish spinning rod. This rod is made in Europe mostly for carp fishing. It comes from which can ship to the USA with no problem. The rod was extremely strong and handled the Lau Lau without a problem. One of the guys in the group also bought a travel rod made by this company and it looked fantastic. Check out their site as most have never heard of it.


With the size problem imposed by airlines, I have contacted various fishing tackle companies such as Daiwa to take the lead of making quality strong 2 piece rods for the International River monster seekers. Will hopefully see some new products to my liking very soon!

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