• Dale Bowman

Hold the heads: Whitefish in southern Lake Michigan

The steady spread of lake whitefish in southern Lake Michigan is of major interest to Solomon David, an aquatic ecologist at the Shedd Aquarium.


He noticed the Fish of the Week on Wednesday in the Sun-Times outdoors page was a whitefish from the Chicago lakefront.

He is studying the movement of whitefish and would like the heads. He asked if I could spread the word.

He said the heads could be frozen and he would figure out how to get them.

The FOTW was caught at Diversey.

Apparently for the last week or so, whitefish have been caught at Belmont also, as shown by the photo above.

You can contact me about any whitefish heads, if that is easier: Facebook (Dale Bowman), Twitter (@BowmanOutside) or

Otherwise, David may be reached on Twitter or Facebook.

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