• Bob Daly

International Tackle

Each time I head out on International Fishing Trips, one of my goals is to try and visit a local tackle store. Often, these stores have some great lures which we do not have access to here in the USA. For example, I recently visited Fish Finder in Suriname. The store was loaded with fantastic fish mounts such as giant wolf fish and golden dorado. Also there were numerous aquariums stocked with monster peacock bass and others. On the shelves were the Marine Sports TNT chopper which is my favorite to fool giant golden dorado over rocks. Peacock bass anglers would definately find this lure interesting. Also I found the Rapala Giant Shad Rap in Peacock Bass colorationZuri hydro magnums were available as I cannot find them anymore in the United States. I have landed my 3 largest golden dorado on these lures so far. So, when you have a layover overseas, try and visit a local tackle store and you might be surprised on the quality of tackle available.


tnt lures.jpg

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