• Dale Bowman

A lollygag, Marilyn Monroe & spring: Ramble with the Lady

Lady growled and barked, almost involuntarily, from our couch at a gray squirrel maurauding below my bird feeders on our front porch.

When I opened the door to start the morning ramble with our family mutt, she lunged at the squirrel scurrying off our porch. It scooted up the neighbor's maple ahead of Lady pulling me after it.

So much more lollygagging.

Of course you know where I am heading. Yes, to one of my favorite movies, ``Bull Durham.''

I said favorite movies, not just favorite sports movies. I think the movie is more about life than sports.

I digress.

Our mad dash after the squirrel flushed robins hopping and bopping around lawns everywhere.

With the kids on spring break, I was able to linger (lollygag?) over my morning work before we rambled off, well after dawn for a change.

With the sun up, it was much more lively and lovely morning than usual. Somehow, combining lovely and a languor led me, naturally for me, to the timelessness of Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, the sound of her, the look of her.

The cooing of mourning doves swept over us from all side as we rambled through town.

Canada geese honking swept from the lake to the west and the town pond as we crossed the side rail separating the town from the wildness of the town pond.

Red-winged blackbirds trilled from all around the north old clay pit.

I counted six pairs of geese on the north pit and one pair on the south. That makes the usual seven pairs, which normally nest around the town pond. However, I did not see any geese on nests.

Eight ducks, wood ducks I think, swam on the west side of the north pit. A belted kingfisher rattled off down the east side of the north. I did not see it, but that sound is hard to miss.

A woodpecker again hammered away on the southwest corner of the north pit. I am sure it was the same hairy I have spotted several times.

Several cardinals staked out trees.

The bridge over the neckdown between the two pits was slick with frost. I walked carefully and was glad Lady did not have a bout of lunging after something, anything.

A pair of wood ducks flushed from by a hollow tree. I think I finally found one of the trees they nest in. That made my morning. I love wood ducks.

Just a beautiful morning, a morning to savor my daily or nearly daily walks around the town pond with our dog.


Back downtown, the sun was high enough that Lady and I did not cast our usual long shadows down Station Street.

A block from home a gray squirrel ran across the road.

Why did the squirrel cross the road?

Don't start with me, the morning was too lovely.

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