• Bob Daly



Lots and lots of preparation takes place when travelling to exotic destinations. For my upcoming trip to Suriname I probably have repacked at least 10 times. The first item was to find an adequate means of transporting about 8 rods. Many airlines have limitations on weights and total size of checked baggage. Suriname Air allows 1 piece weighing 50 lbs max with a total length x width x height at a max of 62 inches. Normal rod tubes could not meet these restrictions so I was able to use a Plano rifle case. I was able to stow all rods and most of the groups sinkers in the case. 2 piece rods are now necessary on these trips along with travel rods which are normally 3 to 5 pieces and can get packed in your carry on bag. Trips to the jungle do not require much packing in means of clothes. Remember you will normally be without modern appliances such as washing machines, etc so clothes and yourself are washed in the river. For this particular trip only a few lures were necessary to catch bait for the cats. Normally I carry on all lures after I remove the hooks. Sometimes reels with line are not allowed so always check before your taking line off in front of the customs representative. Sunscreen is a must along with a good pair of sunglasses. Always make sure to charge a few camera batteries as electricity is not a given in some of the remotest camps. Last of all, make sure your passport is current and make sure you know whether a entry Visa is required months in advance. I have seen numerous times throughout the years, guys not being allowed entry due to not having a Visa or their passport had less than a year left on it (normally most countries require at least a year left on passports. Cannot wait to get into the jungle and hopefully catch the largest catfish of my life! Cheers!

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