• Dale Bowman

Ramble with the Lady: Sap & Homer, Jove's daughers & wild goats

The title is not meant to suggest that Homer, not be confused with Homer Simpson, is a sap.

But we will get to that.

Figured might as well savor the last morning of winter, or something like that.

So Lady and I stretched out a full ramble. With time change, we rambled off into the predawn and came back with the sun up.

``Rosy-fingered dawn,'' too. (Hello Homer and I don't mean Homer Simpson.)


``Rosy-fingered dawn'' is one of those things that stick with you if you ever read Homer's ``The Odyssey.''

As in this line, as taken from ``When the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, we admired the island and wandered all over it, while the nymphs Jove's daughters roused the wild goats that we might get some meat for our dinner.''

Is it only me or does ``Jove's daughters roused the wild goats'' strike you about right for the proper kind of ramble?

Rabbits this morning. The first sprinted out from the alley across from the fire house. The second came a block later when it made a wild dash from the ballfield on the edge of the town to a nearby house.

Lady, our family's mutt, was all set to go.

Such a morning. Cool enough to make us step lively (yes, we can), but the day promises to be warm enough to dent the snow and ice even more.

The ice under the bridge over the next down between the two old clay pits is already showing signs of thawing and freezing water. I bet there will be open water there by tomorrow. Yet, fishable or walkable ice will probably hold until later this week.

Though I did not see any new ice fishing holes. I think guys are ready for open water as much as anything.

Birds calling I could not ID.

Back downtown, it was already 30 degrees on the bank thermometer.

This is perfect weather by the forecast for the week--warm during the day and freezing at night--to make the sap flow. I am tempted to tap the maple in our back yard. We have talked about it for years.

Sparrows were rousted by us as we came up the front steps.

Now to find Jove's daughers rousting wild goats. (My sap must be flowing.)

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