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Whitefish on Green Bay: A few things

By Dale Bowman

STURGEON BAY, Wis.--We did it right today on Green By while fishing for whitefish.


That began with renting a fish house from a guide for a hundred bucks instead of putting up the tent and battling the wind.

I am up north for a few days of fishing for whitefish with Jeff Norris. He is the owner of Fox Valley Guide Service and for a couple years in the blind or pit we have talked about doing some whitefish fishing on Green Bay. We made it happen this week.

And we caught whiteifsh from the git-go.

Here's some things I learned from Norris.

The day began with a stop at Howie's Tackle and Archery in Sturgeon Bay, mainly just to touch base but also so I could get a 2015-16 license. And Norris ended up buying a dream camera.

Norris caught the first whitefish within 10 minuts. It was on from there.

It took me some time to adjust and figure things out, but then I caught up with him.

LITTLE THINGS: I went 1-for-7 on fish hooked to fish landed at first. ``Just pull. Don't set the hook, you will just make the hole bigger,'' Norris said.

Once I learned that, I went 3-for-3 before losing another fish.

Whitefish have a soft mouth and the hook can make a big hole quickly.

I finally figured out why I was losing so many fish. I was holding the line in my forefinger so I could feel the light bite better. But when I would hook a fish and begin reeling, I would let my forefinger go and the line would go briefly limp. Ergo, there go the fish.

GEAR: You need the proper tent and heater to begin with. I will let that go and figure you either have that already or are getting int.

For starters you need a medium action ice rod with a stiff tip. Norris uses Frabill spinning reels, 6-pound braided line with an 2-foot, 8-pound fluorocarbon leader off a ``sturdy wire swivel.''

We caught all our fish on No. 3 Jigging Shad-Raps in black and silver.

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