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Ramble with the Lady: Pulling Mr. Bowman, IHOP, I ski & I flop

By Dale Bowman

At one point, Lady just took off and I had the option of falling down and looking like a bronco-buster with his foot caught in a stirrup being dragged or putting my free left arm in the air and looking like a waterskier doing stunts.

I went the route of a water-skier doing stunts and hoped none of the neighbors were looking out their windows.

Good God was it icy. We are far enough south that we all of our precipitation is falling as sleet or freezing rain. Any patch of bare road or sidewalk is a complete sheet or ice.

Put it this way, to get down our front steps I grabbed the handrail and crab-crawled down to where the snow started in the yard.


Then it was gingerly walking, in the snow as much as possible, but in a few places we had to cross bare (make that icy) pavement or sidewalks and Lady, our family's mutt, would find that the perfect time to try and take off.

In one of those times, as I was sailing along like that waterskier, it came to me, ``Pulling Mr. Bowman.'' Naturally that led to ``Driving Miss Daisy.'' Well, naturally for me at least.

It was warm at least, just below freezing, and Lady just went wild. For much of the last couple weeks we have only been able to do a full ramble a few times a week.

We only got in a few blocks but it took as long as the full 1 /12-mile ramble.

Considering the weather, there was some decent wildlife. I heard a couple different red-headed woodpeckers calling, a crow cawing and one blue jay. I saw none of them, my eyes were focused on where my next step was going to be.

My favorite or second favorite moment came as we waited to cross Station Street. I saw a younger man, whom I often seeing on rambles, coming down the street. He drives his work truck to drop his wife off at her job before he goes to work.

I know guys. I knew what was going to happen. As he came up to the turn to his wife's work, he hit the brakes and the truck just kept on sailing down the street.

Ah, the simple joys of life. Laughter is one of the best.

Our teenager had hoped to do IHOP this morning for the free pancakes giveaway, but I think that is going to have to wait.

We circled around behind the kitchen where the chef/cook preps his food truck for migrant and nursery workers. He had his truck parked sideways to the entrance this morning. I suspect so there would be no food flying everywhere.

I almost made it home without falling, but a block from home, as I tried to cross the drive by the decorative fruit trees, I went flying. Unfortunately for my dignity, one of the town workers was sanding an intersection and must have had his own chuckle.

I flop.

Yes, my mind works like that.

By the time I got home the schools had switched from a delay to closed. Smart call.

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