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By Bob Daly

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Recently had the opportunity to fish along with a few avid fishermen fiends a few ponds owned and managed by the Herman Brothers. The Herman Brothers are the leaders in Lake and Land Management. They stock lakes to your species needs and can manage the land for your dream house/cabin. Trophy fish are a norm by these lakes managed by the Herman's. We had the opportunity to fish through the ice for monster bluegills at one of the Herman's ponds. Many of these monster gills exceed 12 inches and are very plentiful. Also the ponds is teaming with bass, catfish, walleye, muskie and others. The next visit was split between Nate Herman's pond and his brother, Justin's for monster perch. The perch in Justin's pond are quite abundant and grow to monster sizes many of which exceed 14 inches. The Herman's are based in Canton, IL and have built their dream fishery at the Giant Goose Ranch. There are campsites, cabins, and guided fishing available. Check out their site at The entire Herman family is involved in the management and are a very friendly, very tight family. I highly recommend you contact them to manage your dream pond or just to rent a cabin or campsite and get some of the best fishing you will ever experience!

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