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Bob Daly

Rumors are spreading within the peacock bass community of a possible opening of the Rio Unini.The Unini was closed in 2008 to sportfishing by the Brazilian government. In early 2000's the Unini was known as the water of peacock bass monsters with many peacocks exceeding the magical 20lbs mark. The Unini is a tributary of the Rio Negro located approximately 210 miles northwest of Manaus. This river is approximately 200 miles long with numerous connecting lakes and lagoons. The Unini is a black water river which holds no mosquitoes due to the tannic acid environment. In January 2001, I along with a few other friends were one of the first groups to fish the Unini under the direction of Dr. Jon Wilt. Dr. Jon was a pioneer in peacock bass fishing building such outstanding lodge such as Ecotur Park on the Agua Boa, the Itapara, and then the Unini. I have not heard anything on Dr. Jon for a few years. He and his wife built 2 hospitals in the town of Boa Vista where they were doing research on stomach cancer using bark off of certain trees in the Amazon. While fishing the Unini, we encountered high water which is a minus when peacock bass fishng as the baitfish flee into the protection of the jungle thus followed by the peacocks. However, I was able to land my 2 largest peacocks in my 20 years with a 231/2 lbs and 22lbs both caught on giant woodchoppers within 5 minutes of each other. Should the Unini rumors of reopening to sportfishing be true, you can bet bookings will be expensive and fill rapidly as peacock bass fishermen are some of the most die hard fishermen on earth and would do practically anything for a decent shot at a 20lbs peacock. So keep tuned for more news on this rumor!

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