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Bob Daly

When planning International Fishing trip, a key question arises such as which type of hooks should be used. For my upcoming trip to the remote Amazon jungles of Suriname, I have to find a hook which can hold up to the enormous power of monster catfish species such as the Jau, Lau Lau, Pirarara, and Piraiba. Hopefully we are able to hook up to cats in excess of 200lbs. After numerous phone calls and reviewing postings on the Internet, the Owner Jobu Big Game hook was highly recommended. The large J-hook is ideal for battling the meanest, strongest fish on earth! The Jobu features XX heavy forged shank and deep throat bend. As with any outstanding Owner hook, it has razor sharp cutting point with black rust proof finish. The hook is pricey however. It comes in sizes 7/0 to 12/0. So, before you are off to catch the fish of your dreams, the last item you want to fail is hooks! Do your homework and ask around for recommendations.

owner jobu hooks.jpg

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