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Ramble with the Lady: Tinley Park, Liquid Sky & arctic skies

Dale Bowman

The thing about arctic skies, those vivid blue mornings, is that the blue looks so savage it is as if you punched it shards of deep blue, even indigo or purple, would rain down around you.


This morning was not an arctic sky. It was clear as an arctic sky, but the blue was a much softer, more comforting color, much like a mother's embrace or a lover's soft kiss.

Arctic sky took me to Liquid Sky. It is just the way my mind works. Yes, it really does work that way.

It reminded me of a bizarre arty-farty movie from 1982, Liquid Sky.

The sound track is seriously addicting. If you listen to that music, it will stick in your head for days.

Now, back here on earth, we set off well before dawn. Yet it was light because of the perfectly cleear sky.

I need to leave early this morning to cover Beat the Champs bowling for the Sun-Times up at Brunswick Zone-Hawthorn in Vernon Hills, then finish up with the final two or three hours at the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show at booth A-54 with the motley crew of Stray Casts.

That should be fun. The Tinley Park Show has our people there.

More excitement than I expected this early on a ramble in winter. A squirrel hopped off into the snow at the yard with the feeders across from the bus barn. Then Lady froze as we went down the alley behind the bus barn and I figured she saw something.

Indeed she did, a rabbit was locked up and trying to hide (not very successfully) against the snow at the corner of the building, a foot or so away from the opening to the pipe where rabbits hide. If you look close at the photo, you can see it on the corner of the building.

It is a wonder rabbits survive the winter.

I had to do an abbreviated ramble so I could get on my way, so I cut down the alley behind the kitchen where the chef/cook preps his food for his food truck for migrant and nursery workers. The smells of fillings for tacos and burritos were so strong I was tempted to poke my head in the back door and ask for a sample.

But we circled around. The bank thermometer read 31. Sounded about right, what is that, almost 50 degrees warmer than a couple days ago?

By the time, we reached home, dawn was near enough to wash out the blue enough to make the sky nearly an off-white.

Wash out and Liquid Sky, my brain is working it this morning.

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