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Ramble with the Lady: Short & ``The Virgin Spring''

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Lady, our fmaily's mutt pup.


Granted, it was a very short ramble.

Brutal cold settled in over night. It was officially -13 at the nearest National Weather Service reporting site when I got up at 5 this morning.

Another 4 inches or so of snow again yesterday. Starting to run out of places to put the stuff.

That's our picnic table last night as I finished up shoveling a path to the garage.

Surprisingly bright under a nearly full moon dropping toward the western horizon under a brutally clear artic winter sky when I started puttering around this morning.

Took me to Scandinavian thoughts, bleak and dark.

Say an Ingmar Bergman film, such as ``The Virgin Srping.'' Back in the ancient days when I was an English major, liking Bergman films was a sort of a requirement.

They were not exactly fast-paced, but the imagery and the big topics tackled were something.

Here's the connection with the ramble: I think the bleak beauty of Bergman's films are at least partially related to the lanscape and/or weather.

It has been many years since I saw a Bergman film. Life marches on.

Sometimes life takes over for times or years left for mulling.

Well, I get my mulling, such as it is, in with the ramble each morning.

I had planned to at least get a few blocks in, at least enough to check what the bank thermometer read. But we cut that short, really short.

Lady took care of business almost immediately and I decided heading back in after only a couple blocks was the right thing or at least the smart thing to do.

You can't tell me that being trapped inside does not impact thought processes.

By 7, we only had -10 on my thermometer behind our garage.

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