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Odin, Thor & men: Power of Asgar

Dale Bowman

Heart-attack snow.

Even so, I can't help myself and set to shoveling away early this morning.


All the while, Devo's old refrain, ``Are We Not Men?'' rolling through my skull.

Yes, there is something manly about shoveling a serious wet heavy snow.

Seems an apt thought after spending the previous three days with Thor and Odin in booth 22 at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoors Expo at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

That would be Thor, as in the ``Power of Asgar'' quoting Pat Renwick, and workout warrior Johnny Mouratides as the Odin in Odin Outdoors.

They were united at booth 22 yesterday.

``Are They Not Men?''

Meanwhile, this morning, back at home, I enlisted our 18-year-old son to help shovel the heavy slop around.


Then we got lucky and our neighbor Arillo came over with another neighor's big-assed snowblower. The thing is, the snow is so sloppy and heavy that it plopped out like loose manure coming off a spreader on an Amish farmer's field.

It got the job done. And we cleaned up the remants.

``Are We Not Men?''

But it was 10:15 until we finished. No, I will not be in booth 22 today.


But our adventures were hardly over. Our son slide into a snowbank and another neighbor and myself shoveled and pushed him out, all the while giving him an earful on how to drive in snow.

Basically giving him an earful on how to be a man. ``Is He Yet a Man?''

I will say this, it is a stunningly beautiful snow.

On my morning ramble with the Lady, our family's mutt, I pushed all the way out to the


side rail separating the town from the wildness of the town pond.

The red light on the side rail put something of an eerie center to the morning.

I fear what will happen to the electric as the wind begins shaking the trees in the next couple hours.

In the meantime, I enjoy the sight of a beautiful snow, a rugged wild beauty, worthy of Thor, Odin or worthy men.

Yes, the manliest of the manly is enjoying beauty, especially wild beauty.


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