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Notes, hopes & thoughts: Day 3, Schaumburg Show

Dale Bowman

As seen from the Stray Casts booth, booth 22.

Coolest thing I looked at today at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoors Expo was the 17-foot Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T, a two-seater kayak with all kinds of innovations.


The show continues through 3 p.m. Sunday at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

I think I will do a separate entry on the 17-foot, two-seater fishing kayak in a couple days. Nick Doumel gave me a preview of it at the Quest Watersports booth (107-109, 207-209)

It is cool enough for its own entry. Another day.

It was flat-out a lively day today at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

When I arrived I found one of the last spots in the back row. Then when I walked into the show, the line stretched through the doors and back into the hotel hallway. Even top show staff were checking tickets and letting people in.

A lot of people compared the buzz this morning to the old O'Hare or Rosemont shows in the 1990s.

All I know is that the show was lively.

As befits a Saturday, more kids than usual. I counted bass fishermen from at least this high schools that I knew for sure: Sandburg, Hinsdale South, Naperville Central, Lemont, Fenwick, Downstate Benton and Munster (Ind.)

Hinsdale South, the Hornets, have one of the cooler logos


I have seen for a high school team. I noticed it when upperclasman Joseph O'Shea stopped by the booth to talk with Johnny Mouratides of Odin Outdoors, who is sharting our booth.

I am sure there were lots more bass fishing clubs from schools that I missed.

We have a young booth. Mouratides is relatively young. But we also had Ryan ``Ski'' Kwiecinski, a Sandburg bass fisherman, who was helping Mouratides or running around wiht a Go-Pro.

Ryan recorded us on the GoPro when I interview walleye pros Mike Gofron, maybe walleye God would be a better description for him, and Scott Duncan at the Fox Lake Harbor (B1 in the boats).


Ryan is working on them tonight, much like I am working on getting this post up and I hope to have them posted by tomorrow.

Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle visited Saturday afternoon with a couple grandkids. I have a fuller appreciation on the Sun-Times outdoors site.

One of those days where people where just there and the conversation was lively: Pete Reidesel and his son Cam, Ken Gowtowski, Ken ``The Lakefront Lip'' Schneider, Ron Wozny, Carl Vizzone, Joe Mcelligott, Tom Palmisano, Tim Jacobs, Arden Katz and his cousin, and many others.

Those are my group of sorts that stopped by.

Mouratides had his own crew stop by, a younger crowd that drew other younger folks in.

Not to mention that sundry members of the Cast Crew (bboth 423) were in and out. As was Bobby Bergren and Capt. Ralph Steiger.

Like I said, it was a lively day.

Palmisano and Vizzone, well and others too, had suggestions how to make things better and how to get Stray Casts off the ground.


That is a Wozny photo.

The wildest booth on Saturday was the pickle booth, Buffalo Valley Spice & Peter Pipers Pickles (booth 17). At one point, there were 25 people lined up for it.

Ted Koski stopped by and dropped off ``The Little Baby Teddy Fish Hook Snell Tool.'' It looks easy enough for an ordinary guy. But when it comes to handy, I do not fit in the group.

It was just a lively day.

And I made it home ahead of the big snow.


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