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Ramble with the Lady: Edges

Dale Bowman


Mulling things on my morning ramble with Lady, our family's mutt.

Coming out of the trail, formerly a side rail at the edge of the town pond, and back toward the civilization of town, I could not help but think on edges.

The edge of night and day was startling obvious as the sunrise came by the grain elevators on the street leading out of town.

(Hell Charles Demuth. For that matter, hello Larry Green.)

Edge of town. Edge of night (or day if you prefer).

And more importanlty, the edge of the coming big storm for the winter.

Our area is forecast to be relatively near the line where there will be some rain to start, but we are also near the heaviest snow line.

That will be an important edge of reality, not just an edge for my morning mullings.

A gray squirrel chattered at me from an elm across the street before we set off this morning. Apparently, he or she was packing stuff away ahead of the storm.

The big storm may be coming but it was a stunningly beautiful winter morning.


Once again, I could hear a woodpecker hammering away as we crossed the side rail separatting town from the wildness of the town pond.

I found the tree the woodpecker was working by the old boat launch on the south end of the south old clay pit. But I could not find the woodpecker, though I assume it was the hairy woodpecker I saw twioe this week.

The humor of the morning came on the east side of the south pit. For some reason, when we get over there, Lady begins jumping around in complete circles like an idiot.

Well, the topper came when in her frenzy she decided to bite down on a raspberry bush branch hanging over. There was a little extra leap in her leaps.

A songbird I should have recognized but did not sang in the brush above the south end of the south pit.

Back in town, the chef/cook was loading his food truck. With the south wind, I could smell the fixings for tacos, burritos and such blocks away toward the town pond.

It put a nice touch on the morning.

By the time, we reached home dawn had fully settled in and starlings were everywhere.

On the edge of the big storm, everything is moving to get it done today.

I leave shortly for Day 3 at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoors Expo in Schaumburg.

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