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Muskie talk & other notes: Schaumburg Show Day 2

Dale Bowman

The muskie forum Friday evening was the highlight of Day 2 of the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoors Expo.

I was glad I was able to sneak away from the Stray Casts booth (booth 22) for the hour-plus. Here are some notes from Day 2, mostly off the muskie forum.

Jim Saric moderated a Q&A with Joe Bucher, Mike Hulbert, Duane Serck and Chris Taurisano.

It was quote-worthy stuff with some real information embedded.

Here's some quotes I pulled for their quote-worthiness and information and my reaction.


``You need the right stance on figure 8s,'' Hulbert said. ``My guys say I am anal and should have foot pads made that say, `Stand here.' ''

Perfection on figure 8s leads to 10s in landing.

``One of the things I will say: If you are going to get into night fishing [for muskie], clean up the boat,'' Bucher said.

That is spot-on advice. Even in daylight, the catching of a muskie leads to pandemonium. Nobody wants a muskie lure embedded in their leg.

``If I find a pack of fish, I am staying,'' Hulbert said. ``Eventually, they will eat.''


``Best way to get a kid into muskie fishing is get a muskie on the end of the line,'' Taurisano said.

I would say that advice could be tweaked to get a kid into fishing, get a fish on the end of the line, any fish.

``When I was a kid, you grew up with a fishing rod and shotgun,'' Bucher noted.

He's absolutely right. But the reality is that times change.

The last words from the muskie forum go to Saric, who quipped this at one point: ``I love to see taillights in the parking lot. And you are shooting with a flash and they know you caught one [as they are leaving].''

  • Jacob Powroznik, one of the rising stars in bass fishing, stopped by our booth to buy some baits from Johnny Mouratides of Odin Outdoors, who is helping us out at the booth. Word is spreading of his baits.

  • The guys in the Cast Crew (booth 423) looked like they were having as much fun as anybody at the show. They were all over the place, doing videos and just getting around. I think they are going to help us with some video stuff.

  • We had a bunch of people at our booth today. It was a good day all around. Thanks to all who came by to chat.

  • I think I forgot to mention yesterday, but one of the more intriguing ideas is the Bass Unlimited Foundation (booth 903), a group for conservation of bass.

  • The ChicagoHerpetological Society (booth 24) had crowds all day, too.


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