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Notes from the Stray Casts booth: Schaumburg Show

Dale Bowman


Notes from sitting with Johnny Mouratides of Odin Outdoors most of Thursday at booth 22 at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo Thursday on opening day.


The show runs through Sunday the Schaumburg Convention Center.

  • The most innovative booth I saw Fishing Physics, which is about the science of baits.

The baits are hydrogels capable of absorbing and dispensing fish-attracting solutions.

``It is scent dispensing that works like osmosis,'' said Greg Toupalik, one of the staffers there in matching florescent chartreuse shirts.

schaumburg01-29-15salmon eggs.jpg

Fishing Physics staff also had florescent orange shirts for other days. Their booth, 231-232, will be easy to spot.

The baits sell for $5.50 a bag. The hot items were 2-inch and 3-inch grubs. I would have guessed that it would be the imitation salmon eggs, which are a lot easier to handle than the real thing.

  • Lee's Bait & Tackle (booth 320-324) remains the cutting edge booth.

  • Funniest line of the day came from Mouratides as he was selling his baits to Jeff Nolan. ``I was thinking I would go for a special of 4 for $20,'' he said. Nolan and I both looked at him, then busting up laughing. He meant five for $20.

  • Coolest photo was of Dylan Saunders at the fishing simulator at Maple Bassmasters (booth 4 along the wall as usual).


  • Also for kids and adults who have not grown up are the Northern Illinois Raptor Center (booths 721 and 818) and the Chicago Hermetological Society (booth 24).

  • Favorite sight on Thursday: Watching Nolan and his dog Molly work the show.

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