Perch America Wolf Lake, IN Stocking Program

Wolf Lake Walleye Stocking.

Help us, to help Perch America to make an extrodinary Walleye Fishery  by donating to continue the tradition of stocking fingerling Walleye into Wolf Lake. 


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To Donate to the Wolf Lake Stocking Program through Stray Casts click the following donation link below. (All proceeds go to Perch America)



On behalf of Perch America and Stray Casts, we thank you for your very generous donations to help us create a better fishery.


Here's a little more about Perch America


17 years of commitment.


November 1st of 2014 marked another milestone for local fishing organization Perch America. On that day Perch America completed its 17th annual walleye stocking into Wolf Lake in Hammond Indiana. Since the beginning of this program, Perch America has been working in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on this extensive walleye stoking program at Wolf Lake. Throughout the 17 years of the stocking program, Perch America has deposited an estimated 106,000 five to seven inch advanced growth walleye fingerlings into Wolf Lake. That includes the 3,400 that were deposited in on November 1st. The stocking program is on a strictly volunteer basis from Perch America members and is funded solely through donations.