May 8, 2016

How do you say why squirrels run down wires?


That thought that came again this morning when Lady began tracking not one but two gray squirrels running on the wires along the alley behind the bus barn downtown and behind the yard with the feeders across the street from...

April 23, 2016

Canada geese raised such a racket of honking on the south shore of the north old clay pit that I knew I  would find goslings between at least one pair.

And I did. It just took a while to find the two goslings swimming tight to their parents.


So tight that I could not ev...

May 8, 2015

At least five families of goslings are hatched out around the town pond, but there will be more coming if the extra adults swimming and standing guard mean anything.


In the photo at least four other adults were swimming protection around two familes on the north old cl...

April 7, 2015

I went looking for morels on Sunday, our last day around Table Rock Lake.


Even that far south, it ``did not smell right'', as my late father-in-law used to say when it was too early to find them.


But Sunday was our last full day at my mother-in-law's, a trip with a mix...

April 5, 2015

TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo.--It was a professional bird's nest of fishing line.


My daughter was frustated, but I just laughed and told her even the best fishermen get bird's nests.


You learn a few things as you get older. Not sure if that fully compensates for getting older,...

March 22, 2015


Take it easy big fellas, no, I did not find any morels along Route 394 in Chicago's south suburbs. Though I have it on good authority that they are there.


I'll get back to morels.


The racket of robins erupted all around as Lady and I set off before dawn. Beneath their...

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June 24, 2016

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