October 20, 2015

Time to take our youngest boy and his buds hedge-apple bowling.


Dozens of hedge apples fell since yesterday on the east side of the south old clay pit. I suspect the frosts on Saturday and Sunday mornings, coupled with the winds yesterday, freed the hedge apples from t...

October 16, 2015

The pre-dawn stripped red and rainbow colors across the sky as Lady and I rambled on down the alley behind the bus barn, adding hints of color to the near-dark.


It was an eye-grabber, at least for me. At least in part because the dark man-made straight lines of buildin...

October 7, 2015

Red-bellied woodpecker, black squirrels and yellow light hole.


Colors of our morning.


Yesterday, a strange bird called from the top our of maple in the backyard. At first I thought one of the young Cooper's hawks had come back and was making an odd sound.


Then the...

September 30, 2015

Astonishing bright for being dark when Lady and I stepped off this morning. Then I figured out why, the supermoon, just waning off that blood full moon, was high in the western sky.


It spilled light on the night.


This was a morning to walk down the darkness through to...

September 21, 2015

First time I met Joel Greenberg, years ago, he started ``shushing'' next to some thickets in Chicago's North Shore before dawn.


Thought of that this morning when I heard all kinds of small birds around town as Lady, our family's mutt, and I rambled off. Portions of the...

September 14, 2015

I understand there are differences in how people want their wild, natural or outdoors spaces.


That thought was pounded home again this morning as I spotted the shovel with two buckets setting in plain view in the difference as we passed the ballfield on the edge of tow...

July 24, 2015

The scum thickens, now that the historic rains of June and July seemed to have finally moved out, on the town pond.

Apparently, I am not the only one noticing this. There were lines in the scum on both old clay pits, the kind of lines that are made by somebody working a...

July 12, 2015

Oh, trust me, I will eventually get back to the jackasses that left the bait box.


But let's start off more righteously on a Sunday morning.


Heard the first cardinal I have heard in a while when Lady, our family's mutt, and I rambled off into the dawn.


Not that you coul...

June 20, 2015

A turkey vulture--those slow-flapping, utterly ugle birds of carrion--of all things flapped  off low overhead this morning as Lady and I came down the east side of the south old clay pit.


There aren't many firsts left on my morning rambles around the town pond. Bu...

June 8, 2015

As, Lady and I rambled off this morning, I was expecting to see more storm damage than we did. But there was not that much, just one branch down on the road by the ball field on the edge of town.

While I was picking the branch up and throwing it to the side, I spotted a...

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